What About The Football Mom?

I'm Rechelle and I am "The Football Mom"! Actually, I am much more than just "The Football Mom". I am a full-time wife, mother, web developer, and scrapper! This blog is kind of like me. So, don't let the blog name fool you! It's more than just football... It's my life!

I designed and titled my blog "The Football Mom" in 2010 to record my memories of my son's first year of high school football. Shortly after the season started, the topics of my blog posts started to change. My blog became more than just my memories about my son playing football. I started blogging my memories about finding out that my husband, Bobby, had prostate cancer and doctor's appointments. Then I stopped blogging all together. For a while, I forgot I even had a blog.

Today, my warrior husband is cancer free! I can't even begin to express my joy!

As for my blog, the blog posts are still changing but change is good! During the "off season", I'll share more of my "off season" scrapping.

Now, here's a little bit about my football-loving family...

My son, Justin, is so very passionate about football! If he is not playing, he's watching it. He even has a job in the off season filming city league games for a friend of ours! He loves football!

Both my husband and I have taken a more active role as football parents. My husband works the chains and I have joined some of the other football moms decorating the locker room the day before the game. We put snacks and Gatorade in the boys lockers, tape balloons and streamers to the ceiling and walls, and hang spirit signs. Our spirit signs have been stepped up a bit from the traditional hand painted signs with the use of my Cricut Expression! Every week I cut out the letters and images for a spirit sign to be hung up in the freshman locker room.

In addition to our football "duties", my husband and I take pictures and video our son whenever he plays. I scrapbook most of the pictures taken of our son. I think I have more football scrapbook pages than baby scrapbook pages!

Whether you're a sports fan, scrapper, or both, hopefully, you'll find something here you enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!