Friday, September 24, 2010

We were trying to help...

The freshman team has some very creative moms! Since we played the Wolverines, the theme was "Wrap the Wolverines!" Need any more clues as to what we did to the locker room? Yes, there was toilet paper involved...

Maureen bought a wolf man Halloween costume that fit our theme perfectly! Tammy outdid herself again! She made a sign with the names of the teams we have played and will play along with the our winning scores. So cool!

Once we finished decorating, the fun really began... You know how I complained about the smell in the locker room? Most of the smell, if not all of it, comes from sweaty jerseys, shorts, and socks. Well, Julie noticed that there was a load in the industrial sized dryer that had not completely dried. She also noticed that the glass door was covered in suds. Weird! Julie decided to dry them again.

There was also a load of clothes packed in the industrial sized dryer waiting to be dried. The clothes were packed in the washer so tight, there's no way they could be clean.

We decided to help out whoever does the washing and drying by taking the clothes out of the dryer and loading it with the clothes from the washer. After Julie, Suzanne and I transferred the clothes from the washer to the dryer, we cleaned out the lint filter and pressed Start. Nothing. The dryer wouldn't start! How many mom's does it take to start a dryer? Not enough!

I'm sure we probably should not have been messing with the washer and dryer but we are moms! We were trying to help and prevent any of the boys from getting a staph infection! Nevertheless, panic set in. We decided to put everything back the way we found it. After restoring everything to the way it was, Suzanne notice her tennis bracelet was missing! What else could go wrong!

Once again, we are unloading the washer and dryer searching through damp clothes for Suzanne's tennis bracelet. Luckily we found it! No one wanted to explain to the coaches how one of the mom's tennis bracelet ended up in the dryer...

We have all agreed that no one knows anything about why the washer/dryer won't start...


Thursday, September 16, 2010

The latest on Bobby

Bobby spoke with the doctor and both his CT and bone scans came back negative! The cancer is isolated to his prostate! Really good news! Now we have to wait for the surgeon to call so we can schedule an appointment and get surgery scheduled.

In the meantime, Bobby has been playing in a golf tournament all day. Business as usual!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cancer and Tornadoes

You have to love Texas weather! You can look out of your front door and the
sun is shining then look out of your back door and it's raining cats and
armadillos! If you live in Texas, you kind of get use to it. Yesterday was
one of those days. Lots of bad weather - literally and figuratively.

I left work early yesterday to meet my husband at his urologist's office.
The sky was very dark and looked like it's going to open up at any moment
and pour down rain. We're sitting in the waiting room looking at the radar
map on our iPhones. There are tornado watches and warnings all around us.
Shortly after we are put in a room the doctor comes in to inform us that my
42 year old husband has aggressive prostate cancer (a Gleason score between
8 and 10). After finding out the news, my awesome husband had to comfort me
and dry my tears while he stood strong. His strength comes directly from
his faith in God.

Before we leave the doctor's office, Bobby already knows he wants to have
the robotic prostatectomy. He thinks it will be perfect if he can have
surgery next week since it's a bye week for my son's team. Bobby doesn't
want to miss a game. If he gets his way, he probably won't! He's not going
to let cancer or anything stop him from watching his son play! I have to
have the same attitude.

Later that evening, I met the football moms to decorate the locker room.
This week we "Leash the Leopards!" I honestly don't remember too much about it
but I did take a picture.


The game the next day was almost as eventful as the day before. It had been
raining all day long but stopped just before the game. The sun actually
came out. Bobby was working the chains, I was in the bleachers, and the
game has started. Next thing we know, the sky gets dark, it starts to rain,
and sirens start going off! There's a tornado or the making of one
somewhere close. The coaches, referees, cheerleaders, and players head off
to the locker rooms in the field house. I'm not too far behind them... We
spent the next 45 minutes or more in the field house listening to sirens
going off all around us. In the end, the referees canceled the freshman and
JV games and no tornadoes... at least, not close to us.

Tomorrow, Bobby goes for a bone scan and Friday he has a CT scan. Next week
is a bye week but I'll give you an update.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bulldoze the Bulldogs!

Last week our freshman team won their first game of the season! Go Raccoons! Yes, we are raccoons... It beats being a Skeeter!

I really didn't get to see a lot of the game because I spent most of my time swatting away bees the size of birds! Luckily no one got stung or hit by me swatting!

Decorating the locker room was a whole lot better this week! Last week was the first time we were in there to decorate... the smell was... well, just read my previous post. Julie, a football mom, brought air freshener in every form! Every locker got a fabric softener sheet, too!

Suzanne, another football mom, went to Home Depot or Lowe's and bought everyone a mask! She asked the salesperson if you could put them in the dryer. I'm sure she got a funny look but there was definitely a good reason behind it... She put the masks in her dryer with a bunch of fabric softener sheets! When we put the masks on, it was literally a breath of fresh air!


This week we are playing the bulldogs, so our theme for the week is "Bulldoze the Bulldogs!" I was able to cut my first set of letters for one of the spirit signs. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough card stock for two or more signs. Oh, I also cut out a couple of football helmets with Big Daddy (in case you don't know, Big Daddy is my Cricut Expression).


Tammy, one of the other football moms, took a plastic tablecloth she purchased from the dollar store and put the name and number of each freshman player on it. An awesome idea and I think the boys will like it!


We put dog biscuits on the locker room floor, put toy bulldozers here and there, hung more streamers and balloons, and put snacks and water in the boy's lockers. I thought the dog biscuits on the floor was a nice touch!

Next week the theme will be "Leash the Leopards"!


Monday, August 23, 2010

The first time...

The first time I walked into the Freshman/JV boys locker room to decorate the day before the game, I almost threw up in my mouth! The smell was absolutely revolting! Sweaty jerseys, socks, shoes, gloves, and jock straps! There had to be a dead body in someone's locker!

Here's what I don't understand... There's an industrial sized washer in the locker room. Why don't they use it?

This week, the theme is "Cage the Lions!" Speaking of caged lions... You know the smell in a zoo? The elephants, monkeys, etc... I think the zoo smells better than the boy's locker room!

Anyway, we put snacks and Gatorade in the boy's lockers, hung streamers and balloons, put a stuffed lion in a pet crate, and hung our hand painted spirit signs on the walls. Their locker room looks great! Unfortunately, this was the only picture I have and I had to get it from another mom. I think I may have been too overwhelmed by the smell to think straight.

Even though I had to breath through my mouth the entire time, I did have a lot of fun but how am I going to endure the smell next week?


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Welcome to my blog!

I'm Rechelle and I'm a proud football mom! I'll be sharing game, cheering, and scrapbooking experiences with you!

My son has been playing football for years. I've attended the majority of my son's games and cheered him and the team on. Since this is my son's first year in high school, I've decided to be a little more active... I volunteered to help decorate the freshman lockers in the boy's locker room.

I have a Cricut Expression and normally use it for scrapbooking. Now, instead of just using it to create football (and other) scrapbook pages, I'll be using it to cut letters for some of the spirit signs we hang in the locker room. We'll have both the old school hand-painted signs and the new school Cricut cut letter signs.

Since, I've volunteered my Cricut, I've been nicknamed and greeted as "The Cricut Lady". I love it and am honored to be a part of an awesome group of ladies!

Next week, the other football moms and I will decorate the boy's locker room for the first time! I can't wait!