Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Welcome to my blog!

I'm Rechelle and I'm a proud football mom! I'll be sharing game, cheering, and scrapbooking experiences with you!

My son has been playing football for years. I've attended the majority of my son's games and cheered him and the team on. Since this is my son's first year in high school, I've decided to be a little more active... I volunteered to help decorate the freshman lockers in the boy's locker room.

I have a Cricut Expression and normally use it for scrapbooking. Now, instead of just using it to create football (and other) scrapbook pages, I'll be using it to cut letters for some of the spirit signs we hang in the locker room. We'll have both the old school hand-painted signs and the new school Cricut cut letter signs.

Since, I've volunteered my Cricut, I've been nicknamed and greeted as "The Cricut Lady". I love it and am honored to be a part of an awesome group of ladies!

Next week, the other football moms and I will decorate the boy's locker room for the first time! I can't wait!


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