Monday, August 23, 2010

The first time...

The first time I walked into the Freshman/JV boys locker room to decorate the day before the game, I almost threw up in my mouth! The smell was absolutely revolting! Sweaty jerseys, socks, shoes, gloves, and jock straps! There had to be a dead body in someone's locker!

Here's what I don't understand... There's an industrial sized washer in the locker room. Why don't they use it?

This week, the theme is "Cage the Lions!" Speaking of caged lions... You know the smell in a zoo? The elephants, monkeys, etc... I think the zoo smells better than the boy's locker room!

Anyway, we put snacks and Gatorade in the boy's lockers, hung streamers and balloons, put a stuffed lion in a pet crate, and hung our hand painted spirit signs on the walls. Their locker room looks great! Unfortunately, this was the only picture I have and I had to get it from another mom. I think I may have been too overwhelmed by the smell to think straight.

Even though I had to breath through my mouth the entire time, I did have a lot of fun but how am I going to endure the smell next week?


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