Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football!?!?!

The high school football season has officially started! Actually, it started two weeks ago...

I haven't made a single football layout or even posted a picture of my son in action! I at least wanted to post a video of my son sacking the quarterback but my husband hasn't gotten around to transferring it from the camera to the Mac yet.

Oh! Back in December last year, my son's high school football coach asked him if he wanted to play quarterback. So, you know I'm thinking about all those huge dudes coming after my child but if that's what he wants to do, so be it and he agreed to it.

After hiring a personal trainer for my son in January, eating 3500 calories a day (my son), and gaining 30 pounds in six weeks (5 of those were mine...), my son decided he didn't want to play quarterback... He wants to be on the defensive line! Come to find out, he rocks! I think he could play any position he sets his mind to! (I know somewhere in there you heard my sigh of relief... Concussions are running a muck nowadays!)

Did I mention that my son has to be at football practice and on the field by 6:20 AM since it's been 200 degrees here in Texas? (Okay, maybe not 200 degrees but 200 and 115 feel about the same.) I get up at 4 AM to get him there and I'm at work by 6:35 AM. Starbucks is my best friend!

A football layout, pictures and video are coming soon!


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The Scorpian Crafter said...

Love your blog...found you from the SOC website.
I am a QBWifey & Football Team Mom for my son's 11U team & my husbands Flag Football team. Football is a part of my daily life along with Scrapbooking! Looking forward to seeing future posts.

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